Zekira Runs on Mac and Windows Computers The Zekira beta runs on MacOS Lion (10.7) and above, and Windows XP and above. Although it will run on computers with one gigabyte of RAM, we recommend four gigs, and eight is best if you’re creating a large index. Zekira is written in English. It can index documents written in a wide variety of languages, but Zekira also does some content analysis to identify related documents, and that is tuned for English at this time.
What Zekira Indexes File types indexed by Zekira include: Files stored online Gmail messages, contacts, and meetings Twitter Tweets Google Docs / Google Drive documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and drawings E-mail messages stored on web mail systems that support IMAP connections Files stored on your computer or on a drive connected to it Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel On Windows: Microsoft Outlook files (.PST and .OST files: messages, events, contacts, and notes). Old Windows Outlook archives (.PST files) can be read even if they’re stored on a Mac.* On Macintosh: AppleMail, iCal, Address Book, and messages stored by Microsoft Outlook for Mac* PDF files Image files (JPEG, GIF, BMP, and PNG) Text and RTF files HTML files (saved web pages) Documents in compatible formats stored by Dropbox on your computer *Zekira can’t read Outlook files that have become corrupted. It also does not currently index calendar items and contacts stored by the Mac version of Outlook (they are in a different format).
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