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If you need to get in touch with us, send an e-mail to: contactus (at) zekira (dot) com .  Contributors  We’re a small group of Silicon Valley veterans who are passionate about giving you mastery of all your information.
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We’re very grateful to the people and companies who are supporting the Zekira project.  Here are some of our major supporters:
Producers  Wayne Best Steven A. Brown-Cestero Albert Chu Richard Conner Jason Devitt
Elia Freedman Matt Grosswald Nadav Gur Narain Jashanmal Rohan Jayasekera
Richard Kilmer Ted Ladd Faena Manoukian Vincent Moscaritolo Doug Sleeter
Sponsors Luud Berings Johan Boholm Alexandre Bouillot Jonathan Earp
Jim Gable Suki Lee Greg Lloyd Anthony Meadow
Fred F. Meijer Nilofer Merchant Jeff Meyer Tom Powledge
Dan Rubin Flash Sheridan Barbara Wakefield Stephen Wildstrom
Zekira is a product of Cera Technology Holdings, Inc. (that’s the legal name of our startup, but you can just call us Zekira).  Our investors include Klein Venture Partners. Special thanks.  We'd like to give a shout out to two companies that have given us special assistance along the way. The folks at Aspose create one of the licensed code modules used in Zekira.  They have been very helpful to our little startup, and we appreciate their flexibility. EJ-Technologies creates Install4j, the excellent installer program we use.
Michael Mace was VP of product planning and chief competitive officer at Palm. In ten years at Apple his roles included director of Mac platform marketing and director of customer and competitive analysis. Michael is a well- known tech industry blogger and strategist. You can read his weblog here. Steven Glass is a longtime engineering and product management veteran in Silicon Valley. He was VP of OS releases at Apple, and also held senior roles at PalmSource, Net Appliance, and Power School. He was also one of the two engineering leads at Plastic Logic, a startup creating e-reader devices. David Mace works on the client apps and web services integration for Zekira. He did mission data analysis for NASA, and was a finalist in the 2014 Thiel Fellowship competition. In addition to his engineering work, he is enrolled at Caltech. Rudi Diezmann has been VP of engineering at seven software firms, a mix of startups and large companies, including Xdrive, e-lingo, and  He is a longtime database guru.  He was an entrepreneur in residence at Adobe, and was an engineering manager at Apple and Cisco. Michael McNabb was cofounder and VP of technology at AquaMinds Software. He was manager of sound and music at NeXT, and has worked with Oracle, Be, Intellicorp, and Netscape. In addition to composing code, Michael is an award-winning composer of music. You can read more about his music here. Mark Goldstein was a senior engineer at AquaMinds and a product manager at Sony.  He has also worked with Interval and Gibson Guitar.  Like Michael McNabb, Mark is a talented musician, and performs frequently around the San Francisco Bay Area.
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