Do you wish you could remember everything? How do I know him? What’s the goal for this meeting? What do I know about this project? Where’s that document we exchanged? What did we discuss on the 22nd? Modern life floods us with more information than anyone can possibly recall. Zekira helps you remember. Give it a name, date, meeting, or topic, and it shows your full context around it. Find old documents and messages, and cick to dive deeper or navigate the connections between bits of information. Zekira brings to life old Outlook or Office files that you need to access, and also indexes your info from web sites including Gmail, Google Docs, and Twitter. How Zekira Helps You Go Beyond Keyword Search You can navigate your messages, meetings, notes, contacts, and files according to any bits of information you remember about them. Traditional search focuses on keywords; if you don't remember the right keywords, you're out of luck. Zekira lets you search by any combination of date, time, author, name, document type, folder location - and keywords too. Follow Connections Your initial search is just the beginning. Zekira works through connections, like your own memory.  Click on anything to see all the information related to it.  You can easily jump from your record of a meeting, to the notes you took during the meeting, to the name of someone you met there, to your correspondence with that person. Click here to join the mailing list: Copyright 2012-13 Cera Technology Page and Zekira logo designed by Mike Rohde, Rohdesign How to learn more Zekira is in private beta. It’s a big project being created by a small, self-funded team. If you join the Zekira mailing list (see button below), we’ll update you on our progress and let you know when the application is available. We won’t share your contact information with any other company, and you can leave the list at any time. How it Works Zekira scans and indexes your computer and selected web sites automatically, making it easy to recall your context around almost anything.  Give it a name and it shows you related documents, messages, and meetings.  Click on a meeting and it shows you relevant messages and notes.  Zekira helps you find half-remembered information buried in your archives. And you don't have to choose which files to remember; it can index anything it recognizes on your Mac, PC, or web.
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TM Join our mailing list Anytime, Anywhere Your index is securely stored online, so you can access it from your computer, or from a mobile device with the Zekira app on it. The first version of Zekira will work with Mac and Windows computers, and with Android smartphones and tablets. An iOS app is also in development. Zekira videos Compatibility Zekira weblog About us